Background to opportunities with apprenticeships and traineeships

Possible Australian Government Incentives, State Government Funding and other initiatives (Within Australian Apprenticeships Arrangements)

Please note that this is just a brief summary to assist the employers to understand the range of options that may be available to them.  For more information, please contact an Australian Apprenticeships Centre (contact details below).


Possible Australian Government Incentives which are paid to the Employer


Qualfiication Level

Commencement Incentive
 (Paid after 3 months)

Completion Incentive

For the following types of employees:
(* if the employee meets the eligibility criteria)

Certificate II



* New Employees only

Certificate III and above



* New Employes

 and / or

* Existing Workers (if the qualification’s nominal duration is 24 months or more)


In addition, if an employer commences an Australian Apprentice (who is aged 19 years or under) between 1 December 2009 and 28 February 2010 in a traditional trade, they may be eligible for an additional $3,350.  This is the new Apprentice Kickstart Bonus and includes full-time, part-time and school-based apprentices.


There are also a number of other Australian Government incentives available that are paid either to the employer or Australian Apprentice in certain circumstances.  An Australian Apprenticeships Centre is able to assist employers to identify what is available to them.



Payment of these incentives is subject to employers and their apprentices / trainees meeting prescribed eligibility criteria.  If an apprentice / trainee has prior qualifications obtained in the past, this may impact on the incentives available. 


State Funding / Rebates / Tax Exemption – Western Australia

  1. Payroll Tax Exemption:  In Western Australian, an employer does not have to pay Payroll Tax for anyone doing a Traineeship or Apprenticeship (for the duration of that Traineeship or Apprenticeship).
  2. Workers’ Compensation Rebate:  The WA Government is providing Workers’ Compensation Rebates to employers of apprentices and trainees doing a Certificate III or above who commenced on or after 1 January 2009 and successfully complete the first year of their training contract.  The rebate amount will vary according to a variety of factors, including the particular trade, the salary paid to the apprentice / trainee and the workers’ compensation history of the employer.
  3. In addition, the WA Government provides funding to Registered Training Organisations (that meet the Contractors Provider List arrangements) for training of new employees.  This means that the cost of training to the employer is reduced.  This also applies to existing employees under the age of 24.


List of Australian Apprenticeships Centres in Western Australia:


AMA Apprenticeship and Traineeship Services

12-14 Stirling Highway

Nedlands   WA  6909

(08) 9273 3042


CCI Apprenticeship Solutions

180 Hay Street

East Perth  WA  6004

1800 224 224


MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre

Level 1, 201 Adelaide Terrace

East Perth  WA  6004

(08) 9263 7888


Mission Australia Apprenticeship Solutions

Unit 5, 15-17 Blackburn Road

Maddington  WA 6989

1300 626 730


The Apprentice & Traineeship Co

Australian Apprenticeships Centre

Unit 1 / 17 Rafferty Road

Mandurah  WA 6210

(08) 9586 9000