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Trading Name:Alucraft Boats Pty Ltd
Registered Business Name:Alucraft Boats Pty Ltd
Description:Alucraft specialise in the Design & Fabrication of aluminium vessels to 40M. Steel vessels are also catered for. All design, fabrication, CNC plasma cutting and fitout and engineering is all taken care of under the one roof. Alucraft also provides CNC plasma cutting to other company's including drafting of parts for CNC cutting. CNC plasma cutting bed can accomodate sheets up to 10M in lenght. Alucraft also provide general aluminium fabrication. CNC plasma cutting of steel can be done for large amounts of cutting. Our plasma cutting is generally dedicated to aluminium only to avoid contamination. Files can be emailed to us directly for plasma processing. Alucraft is an approved Germanisher Lloyd workshop. Please contact us with your requirements.
Address: 9 Possner Way
Postal Address:
Phone:9437 1581
Fax:9437 1541
Contact Name:Anthony Serrangeli
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Capability:Boat Builders & Designers, CNC Plasma Cutting, Aluminium Fabrication
Floor Space: