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Trading Name:Australian Pressure Testing Services
Registered Business Name:Australian Pressure Testing Services
Description:Australian Pressure Testing Services offer a wide range of services including NATA Calibration Services, Pressure Testing Services, Pipe Line Services and Project Management Services.
Address:1 22 Sparks Road
West Australia
Postal Address:As Above
Contact Name:Craig Wilson
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Capability:Test Pup The Test Pup is a new piping insert technology for pressure process piping systems. The technology brings improved outcomes to overall efficiency particularly the duration and safety of projects. The reusable, multifunctional device is an alternative to the disposable pipe insert, specifically the temporary jumper spool or hose that commonly substitutes permanent inline equipment during plant pre-commissioning and maintenance periods. The device also assists the piping tester to conduct hydro, air and gaseous testing on process piping systems. The test pup has been engineered as an adjustable, fully sealed pipe insert incorporating vent, drain and fill points. Benefits; Utilisation of the Test Pup series will impact on all stages of a project delivering real strategic advantages in scheduling and project economics. The Test Pup is about rethinking current practice EPCM methodologies offering flexible procurement and reduced construction timeline. Additionally these benefits flow into other areas such as safety and environmental protection
Turnover:2-10 million
Floor Space:450sqm